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  • October President's Message

    Attendees had a wonderful treat last Friday with our Fall CPE event at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville.  The meal was stellar, as were the staff, and we received multiple compliments.  Of course, guided wine tasting after our CPE was a fun treat.  Although unofficial at this point, there were so many positive comments about the venue (food, service, and professional theater) that we are tentatively considering making it a regular biennial stopping point for CPE.

    Susan Wolcott guided us through our annual ethics session with both introspective reflections as well as linkage to more routine national ethical scenarios.  If you really want to get some Susan insights, check out her recent 5-part series from the Journal of Accountancy.

    Corey Weisner, VP of Financial Planning for Ste Michelle Wine Estates and current chapter Board member, provided an in-depth review of the winery business.   His apropos linkage to all twelve (12) testing domains of the CMA credential to the winery business helped emphasize for all of us the value of holding CPE at various local businesses.   The August LEAN event onsite at King County offices was another great example of helping us explore related industries (governmental).   If there are other medium to large companies or non-profits (lunch discussion) who would like to consider hosting an IMA meeting please email the chapter Board (  

    CMA Value – On Monday November 11th, 6pm-8pm at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel there will be a national IMA event in Seattle and active members are invited.  From the official invite: “Please join us for an opportunity to engage with other senior accounting and finance leaders in discussions about key issues that organizations of all types and sizes are facing today.”  If you would like more information and may be able to attend please email for more information (along with your phone # as this event may be easier to discuss via phone given the short registration window - registrations are due at the end of the month).

    Finally, courtesy of Gleim, the chapter was fortunate to hold a raffle for current IMA members and 1 of the 4 applicants to the raffle will receive the Gleim CMA prep materials for free to help pass the CMA as part of their career building.   The raffle was held during our CPE event at Ste. Michelle last week. 

    A generic reminder to all IMA members preparing for the CMA that you get 25% off as a Seattle chapter member, and there is also a discount offered for Seattle IMA members pursuing the CPA for dual certification.

  • September President's Message

    Are you a CMA candidate looking for support with your CMA exam prep?   Through a generous support of the Greater Seattle IMA Chapter, Gleim has offered a scholarship for their Gleim CMA prep materials.   This is being offered in the way of a raffle on October 18th, 2019.   See above for the guidelines on how to earn raffle tickets.

    Current CMAs with peers considering the CMA credential can recommend that now may be an ideal time to join the IMA for all the regular professional benefits, plus this opportunity to earn Gleim CMA prep access.

    Last month many of us attended the King County LEAN presentation which was very interesting.   County staff were accessible to our questions and with a tour which allowed us a bit of an inside view of the process and how staff have grown with the program over the last couple of years.

    Final preparations for the annual Ethics CPE session (to meet the 2-credit ethics requirement) are under way.   Hope to see you October 18th at the Ste. Michelle winery in Woodinville

  • August President's Message

    Are you a CMA candidate?   Considering whether to use either Gleim or Wiley or some other support program to help earn the CMA?   Did you know that as an active Seattle chapter member you could get a 25% discount off the Gleim CMA materials?   Admittedly I did not and thus personally did not get 25% off when I used the Gleim materials for my CMA prep.   I only found out Seattle chapter members have this discount option at ACE in June, so... if you are considering the Gleim CMA prep series be sure to contact OR better yet email Alexandra Graham  at and let her know you are a Seattle IMA chapter member.   Of course, if IMA members are aware of other prep material discounts with other providers please email the Board at so we can share those too.

    If you have not already signed up for the next event of IMA interest please review/register at   Please note this is not an IMA event, although many of us are attending to learn about LEAN and to enjoy lunch together for networking and sharing after this unique experience.

    Be sure to reserve October 18th on your calendar as well.   We are finalizing plans for a 3-hour lunch and CPE event including those CMA required two (2) hours of ethics CPE.  More coming very soon, so here's the heads up to start setting those work schedules to accommodate this 12noon to about 5pm event in Woodinville.  Hopefully most CMAs and CMA candidates will get this time off from work as professional development/CPE training time and not have to use personal PTO.  Be sure to share with your employer the importance of these community learning experience as part of professional development so we can see you at these events without burning PTO.

  • July President's Message

    This last month was an exciting one for your local Greater Seattle Chapter and the national IMA.  Locally we had a 4-hour CPE event in which Microsoft presented some of the latest Excel tools and the author of Art + Data shared techniques (Tableau and other tools) to help us share the “stories” of our data in exciting visual ways.   Some of the resources are shared on this Greater Seattle Chapter site.


    Nationally the IMA celebrated it’s 100th year at ACE (Annual Conference & Expo).   It was my 1st ACE and I attended many great sessions and participated in networking opportunities that exceeded my expectations.   I plan to attend ACE 2020 next year in Atlanta (June 20-24, 2020) and hope we will have a Seattle area contingent.  Please reach out to me if you would like to inquire more about my experience, especially if you are considering attending next year.   I posted a more detailed review on LinkedIn.


    Watch your Chapter emails for our next event.  Tentatively we are looking at October 11th or 18th.   This Fall CPE event will include a 2-hours ethics session to help CMAs fulfill the annual 2-hour ethics CPE requirement.


    REST 2020 – For those who prefer Reno to Atlanta for an annual CPE cram, the IMA site for the Reno Education Seminar & Training (REST) from February 27-29, 2020, is now live.   With 22 hours in Reno and a couple Seattle events the annual CPE requirement can be covered.


    Finally, our Seattle Board, particularly the Communications members, will be sending out more regular news and updates via the IMA membership database.   Please be sure to keep your profile updated and at least skim them for relevant local news and events.

  • June 7, 2019 CPE Event (links for attendees... and notes for non attendees)

    Session Title:  Telling your data story with the Art + Data methodology

    Abstract: In working with hundreds of organizations over the years, Zack has noticed a common problem the majority of companies struggle with. They've invested significant time, energy and money in gaining access to their data and preparing it for use in the business. Yet they overlook one critical piece of the puzzle: developing capabilities to find and visualize the most important stories in their data.

    In this presentation you will learn:

    The three step Art + Data process. 
    10 Data Storytelling techniques. 
    Hands-on time to implement the process and techniques using a sample scenario or a real business scenario of your choice.
    Supporting Links:
    Data Story Academy:
    Art + Data Free Book:
    Art + Data Dashboards:
    How to prepare for this session:

    If you currently use Tableau Desktop, come with a dashboard you would like to reimage leveraging the Art + Data Methodology.

    If you don’t currently use Tableau, feel free to bring a dashboard or report in the platform of your choice or download a free trial of Tableau

    Zack’s Bio: Zack Mazzoncini is the founder of Data Story Academy and a Co-Founder of Seattle-based data and analytics firm Decisive Data.  Over the years Zack has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals develop data-driven cultures centered around data storytelling. Zack's personal mission statement is: "Change people's lives for the better by being the best version of myself".

    Zack graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in communications, rhetoric and public speaking.  He is considered one of the most entertaining and informative speakers in the analytics industry. His audiences are inspired to find the most important stories in their data and lean into their creativity.  

    When Zack is not serving customers and coaching teams in the art of data storytelling, he can be found spending time with his wife and three boys or fly-fishing. More
  • June 2019 President's Message

    We are just days away from our 1st CPE event of 2019.   There's still time to register to lean about the latest Excel tools and for the 3-hour mini-conference on communicating data visually by the author of Art + Data.   Zack Mazzoncini and I spoke for an hour today about his presentation to review some of the materials he has prepared for us - I'm excited!  It will be great learning and great networking.   

    Although it is not absolutely necessary to have a laptop, or even a Tableau trial installed, both may help.  Technically the Art + Data presentation is "platform agnostic" so you can use the concepts to build on your current platform (even Excel).   Comments last year about wanting to learn about Tableau is what led us to Zack and he will provide some interesting samples and an introductory interactive tour.   Whether for personal preparation, or if you simply are unable to schedule this event in, below are a few links to help with your data visualization presentations.

    Art + Data ebook

    Data Story Academy resources

  • May 2019 President's Message

    Although we had to push our event date back, registration is now open for our next CPE Chapter event on June 7th.   In addition to great networking opportunities for individuals considering a pursuit of the CMA, CMA candidate peers, and CMA accountants, this will also be a great learning opportunity.

    I am excited that our main presenter will provide a 3-hour interactive session on visual presentations of accounting/finance data via world class dashboards.   Zack Mazzoncini is the author of Art + Data, the founder of Data Story Academy and a Co-Founder of Seattle-based data and analytics firm Decisive Data.  Although the general concepts he will present cover any platform, Zack will use Tableau as a demonstration tool.  As this an interactive presentation you will want to bring your laptop.

    Microsoft is also sharing staff to present on the latest and some of the more advanced Excel tools. 

    Be sure to stepover and register for this great event, and looking forward to seeing you on June 7th. More
  • April 2019 President's Message

    Although the Greater Seattle chapter is delaying our anticipated May 8th event due to scheduling challenges (tentatively June 7), the Mt. Rainier IMA chapter is hosting a CPE event in Tacoma April 27th from 8am-12pm on Bioethics and the State of American Logistics.   For more information and registration please click here.

    Seattle IMA has had three monthly (Feb, March, April) South Lake Union small lunch groups with current and prospective IMA members.   We encourage other IMA members to meet in local settings for networking and sharing opportunities between regional events.  Other concentrated areas of IMA members are Bellevue and Woodinville.  If you would like to join others for a small lunch group, either as existing IMA members or to inquire with local peers about the IMA or CMA, email

    Tired of the rain from this last week?  Don't forget the National IMA conference is in San Diego in just two months.  It will be my 1st national IMA conference - looks like I'm signed up for many great presentations, and hope to see some of you there.

    Finally, our communications Board members are about ready to test out some of the new communication tools in the Seattle IMANET subweb as well as prior mailchimp emails. Hope their outreach provides additional support for your awareness and participation in local IMA events.   Be sure to update your email if applicable.

  • CPE & Networking Event Date Change - Tentative for June 8th

    Due to scheduling issues the previously announced CPE event noted for May 8th has been postponed.   Tentatively we are now looking at June 8th.  Watch here over the next couple weeks until we are able to lock down a final confirmation. More
  • May 8th CPE & Networking Event - Reserve the Date

    Just a brief note to reserve the afternoon of May 8th open in your calendar.  The Greater Seattle Chapter is planning our next CPE event for 12 noon - 5pm at the Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville.   More to come soon as we finalize speakers. More
  • March 2019 President's Message

    March 2019 - We are on the move once again thanks to several new volunteers and support from the prior Board.  In February there was a Networking lunch in SLU and a Communications Coffee/Planning Event on Capitol Hill.   At least one more networking lunch is planned for March in Seattle, and hopefully an Eastside lunch is coming too..   

    Be sure to become a member of the Greater Seattle IMA LinkedIn page as well as it's a great format for sharing events, job openings, and more.   A CPE and networking event is in the works so watch for updates both here and on LinkedIn.   Stay tuned as we move forward to do exciting things together.   

    John P. Wright CMA More
  • Linked In - Seattle Chapter

    Another way to keep up with the latest news from your local Seattle CMAs and CMA candidates is the Greater Seattle Chapter Linked In page.  There's even a job opening announcement yesterday from a peer.   Check it out, and contribute as well. More
  • 2018-2019 Board

    Board of Directors 2018-2019
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    Secretary               Eben Sutton
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