Chapter Board

Volunteers are welcome to join the chapter board at any time. Please contact a board member for details.

Contact the Chapter President for information on open positions and how you can contribute to your chapter. Serving on the chapter board helps you develop and enhance your leadership and teamwork skills, and it enables the chapter to provide needed services to its members. Without volunteers there is no chapter!

Board meetings are usually held immediately following our events.

Board of Directors 2022-2023

President               Renetta Fairbanks

Treasurer               Kevin Luk, CMA

Secretary               Adriana Brito Ruiz, CMA

Engagement          Justin Llao, CMA

Social Media          Wei Chen

Communications   Mary Beth Felker

Past President        John P. Wright, CMA, CSCA

Webmaster              Zoe Evans, CMA, CSCA

Online Training       Susan Wolcott, CMA, CPA

At Large                  Corey Weisner, CMA

At Large                  Eben Sutton, CMA